Dearest Mia,

How are you already TWO??? It seems like only yesterday you were hanging out with me in Puerto Rico from inside your mommy’s belly… It was my first time to meet you and I knew right then you’d be my favorite little girl in the whole wide world!

The first time I met you outside of your mommy’s belly you were only a week old and I couldn’t believe how perfect you were! I loved you so much and always wanted to be your favorite auntie! Continue reading “Dearest Mia,”

Feliz cumpleaños mi marido!

Today Broc turned 38!!! 38 years of a life full of living; of hard working, fast-driving, loud laughing, heavy drinking, loving, whole-heartedly, always giving, putting others first, doing anything for anyone, kind of living. The kind of life any person would be happy to lead. Man I love this guy… And so do so many others. Here’s proof…

happybirthday from megan knight on Vimeo.