Puerto Rico Yoga Retreat- Refill Your ☕?‍♀️?

This weekend I had the pleasure to attend my first yoga retreat in Puerto Rico, properly named Refill Your Cup. I’ve been way out of practice the past few years and only attend a morning class with Daniella from Santosa Yoga once a week (and not religiously) so when I heard about the retreat I booked it immediately.

To say the retreat was needed is an understatement. The opportunity to get away from the stresses and challenges of every day life, connect with other like-minded ladies here in Puerto Rico and really focus on self-love and mindfulness is something everyone needs to prioritize- at least a few times a year. Continue reading “Puerto Rico Yoga Retreat- Refill Your ☕?‍♀️?”

Arkansas Meets Puerto Rico

Living in Puerto Rico has many challenges but the hardest is being away from friends and family. Broc and I both come from close-knit families and cherish our relationships with friends we’ve known (in some cases) most of our lives. I think a lot of people who move here want to get away from their lives back in the states- or had nothing keeping them there. But for us, it was the exact opposite.

So when good friends make the trip to visit us we drink it up like water in a desert. Patrick and Anna Matthew’s came in mid September and we had a blast. My only complaint is that they had to leave 🙁

of course we had to get them on the yacht!
of course we had to get them on the yacht!
beautiful Anna.

Continue reading “Arkansas Meets Puerto Rico”

A Few of My Favorite Things…

It’s been just around 2 months since we made the move from Arkansas to Puerto Rico, and the transition was as hard as I thought. I suppose moving anywhere new, without friends and family nearby, is difficult, but adding our “newly wed” state and the bit of culture shock, it’s been darn near miserable at times!

But for the most part, it’s been amazing. I’d take 20 days of wonderful over 5 days of misery any day, so I feel pretty lucky over all. Several things I’m grateful for include:

1. the ability to do contract work for Inuvo (my old company) from home.

This has been a blessing for sure, as I was so worried about what I would do with my time during the day. Having new and challenging projects to figure out and getting to chat with my favorite boss every day makes the 8-5 weekdays quite bearable, even if I am completely alone (minus the dogs) for the better part of the day.

2. my dogs. duh. but more specifically, that they made the trip here without any problems and seem to be loving the indoor/outdoor space we have for them.


Hilde hasn’t limped once since we’ve been here (which I attribute to the balmy weather) and her coat has completely grown back. She’s blind as a bat and deaf as a post but is getting around great and still get’s super excited when I yell the word “treat” at her. Continue reading “A Few of My Favorite Things…”