38 and Pregnant

Being pregnant for the first time hasn’t been that bad. I’m bored more than anything and find myself sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing. Thankfully I’ve had a very smooth pregnancy with no morning sickness or typical symptoms but now that i’m entering my third trimester I am starting to feel the discomfort more and more- especially at night!

My last few appointments have gone really well with all the tests (glucose and thyroid are normal, etc). I’ve gained THIRTY pounds and definitely feel the extra weight in my back and feet! I’ve went to a chiropractor once and need to get on a regular schedule with that b/c I hear it also helps with labor and delivery. And this kid is measuring super big so I’m likely going to need all the help I can get in that department!

I also really want my mom and sister to be here in Puerto Rico when he is born, which is almost impossible to plan for. I feel like he’ll come early but that may just be wishful thinking. I’m about to hire a doula who I hope will help ease the stress of the unknowns and also act as a translator while I’m in the hospital. If i have to have a c-section she’ll be useless but hopefully that won’t happen!

For now, the waiting game is real and we just can’t wait to see our little boy for the first time!

Here’s a fun look back at how much I’ve grown in the past 10 weeks…

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Baby on the way!

The past 6 months have been the longest and fastest of my life! Ha.

I am currently 26 weeks and 3 days pregnant with a baby boy we are naming Atticus and we still can’t believe it… Finally having our first kid at 37 (me) and 41 (Broc) years of age! I’d say we’re more than ready!

We started seriously “trying” to get pregnant when we got back to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, around mid-April of 2018. Zika wasn’t really on my radar as a serious issue anymore and all I could think was “have I waited too long? do I have any eggs left?” After a few disappointing months I finally got the results we’d been waiting for!!!

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Vacationing in Puerto Rico in July 2018

There’s nothing I love more than helping friends and family discover the best things to do when visiting Puerto Rico! And just this week I learned my cousin Jordan and his family are making the trip (over dangerous Cancun- thank God) this July (21-28). Jordan’s wife Barbara asked for some recommendations so instead of sending her a six page itinerary I thought it might be easier to see everything from a birds-eye-view on this interactive map.

However, the first thing to decide when visiting Puerto Rico is what part of the island you want to see. The west coast (Isabela, Rincon, Aguadilla and even as far south as Cabo Rojo) are AMAZINGLY beautiful and a totally different vibe than the east. If you surf, fish or a set on some really great snorkeling I would say the 3 hour drive is worth it. Or if you’ve been to Puerto Rico before and are looking for a taste of something different and new. Continue reading “Vacationing in Puerto Rico in July 2018”

My Answers to a Facebook Message…

I posted some pics on Facebook for the first time in forever and got this sweet message from one of my bestest friends (Whitney), who moved to Hollywood 5+ years ago and I unfortunately never get to see… Instead of responding to her directly though, I thought some of my answers might be of interest to other friends I rarely talk to anymore and miss so very much. (not that they read this blog, but in case they do, here you go…)

11407072_815488745214723_4567991543277291987_nHey my beautiful daughter!
How are u guys? I love seeing all your pictures. You look so happy.
How is it being out of little rock? Are u guys working? I miss u!


Hello there my beautiful mother! We’re great and love seeing all your pictures too!!!!

Being out of Little Rock is GREAT. We don’t miss anything about it except for our friends and family, and being able to speak the same language. Puerto Rico has all the modern conveniences that I need: Walgreens and TJ Maxx, plus the weather is perfect 24/7 and there are NO SNAKES on the island… We like it a great deal more than LR, to say the least 🙂 Continue reading “My Answers to a Facebook Message…”

We got a Jeep!

I’m not exactly your rugged outdoors kinda girl, but now that we live on an island, I may just start to become one. Especially now that I’m driving this thing around all the time!