Playa “La Selva” – Luquillo, Puerto Rico

One of my all time favorite beaches in Puerto Rico is Playa “La Selva”, a hidden paradise far away from traffic, trash & almost every other person on the island. You can only get there by walking approximately 40 minutes east from Playa “La Pared” or having a 4×4 SUV that you don’t mind getting dirty and possibly damaged. There drive to the beach is treacherous- with giant rocks, branches and occasionally flooded creeks blocking the trail. My husband swears his late model Land Cruiser can travel through anything though, and so far we haven’t had a problem.

La Selva is located in the middle of a nature reserve (the Northeast Ecological Corridor) and is the most important turtle nesting site in the Caribbean! Although we’ve never actually seen any, we often come across areas of sand marked with flags that are known to have turtle eggs buried beneath. (Maybe one day we’ll get lucky!)

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Now You Are Here

Yesterday was one of our best days on the island so far. We were lucky enough to be invited by a good man on his very good boat to visit the tiny speck of an island off Culebra, Culebrita, that shines like a diamond amid the miles of crystal-clear turquoise waters surrounding it. We ate, drank, laughed, snorkeled, swam, sang and had a pretty amazing Sunday overall. The friends we are making here are making life so much more enjoyable, not to mention the lavish treatment we’ve been shown by so many. The people of Palmas as more hospitable than anyone I know in Arkansas, and I thought we were a pretty kind crowd…

Here are a few unedited snapshots, along with (what else) a little home movie to drink in the whole experience of the day.


A Day on Culebrita from megan knight on Vimeo.