A little exploration

Ah the sights and sounds of living life on an island… I can’t say I’m completely used to everything yet since I was unexpectedly asked to return home (to Little Rock) for 2 weeks for work, but that’s another story in itself and doesn’t end happily… But the first week being here, and then this last weekend after getting back, were full of sunshine & beaches. We spent a weekend on the west coast of the island in Rincon, which is totally different than the southern coast. It felt a bit like Hilo (HI), or even Vieques, in it’s laid back, hippy kind of way. There were a lot more American’s around and the waves were unbelievable. In fact, Rincon is one of the top surfing destinations in the world! We also visited Coamo and its’ famous Baños de Coamo (of Coamo Thermal Baths), Puerto Rico’s only thermal springs. We had great food in both towns- in Rincon I highly recommend La Copa Llena (The Rincon Puerto Rican Film Festival was going on while we were there and it was an amazing experience!) and in Coamo, Le Ceiba Bar & Restaurant. We stopped at lots of little beaches along both routes and luckily found one of our favorites just 9 miles from home, Playa Lucia in Yabucoa, which I was quite pleased to be the first one to recommend it to Yelp!

Instead of loading this post up with pictures, I made another video to highlight some of the best parts of our trip. Enjoy!