Cabo Rojo & Boqueron

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Last weekend we enjoyed our trip to the southwestern most tip of the island, Cabo Rojo Boqueron, more than [my] words can articulate. However I narrowed down my top favorite things about the tiny bohemian beach town in the slideshow above, and have elaborated a bit more below.

The Villa Vistas

The place we stayed in was truly from another world. It’s this indoor/outdoor hand-built casita with so much detail you could marvel for hours. There were lights everywhere, which made it amazing in the evening, and so relaxing in a “i don’t live like this, but wish I could” kind of magical way. The pictures don’t do it justice- I think it’s the feeling of being so a part-of the natural beauty of the landscape around you. I’ve never felt one-with-nature, and this place was definitely that.

Stay Here!

The Natural Habitat

When you stay in a jungle and spend the day on the beaches down long-winding dirt trails, you see it’s not just the people who live here that are interesting and unique, but the animals even more so. The stray dogs, cats, horses (sometimes even cows) live on the land and while it at first made me sad, I now realize how much they have to eat and a warm cozy place to lay their heads every night. But it’s the fish and lizards and frogs and crabs – the true owners of this island- that are so fascinating¬†to me. They let us walk through their living space and scurry to get out of our way, stopping long enough so I can grab a (bad) picture.

The Beach

Luckily I’ve always been a beach bum at heart- I can lay out and read in front of an ocean for hours- but some beaches are just so much beautiful than others. White sand, crystal water, total privacy, soft rolling waves- those are the beaches for me. And Cabo Rojo has some of the prettiest.

Combate Beach

The Town

Quirky towns have always¬†got me- in Arkansas we had Eureka Springs- but here, every part of the island is different, and the west side is my favorite. Colorful bungalows on stilts, narrow winding streets with no signs or sense, sidewalk stands selling everything from pineaples to fried pies to knitted hammocks, a vibe that says “I live here because I want to live by the ocean and the land. And you want to work from 8-5 everyday. Who’s crazy?”

The Experience

When a weekend turns into a vacation, just because you’re in a place that’s beautiful and different and new. That’s our life now. Every weekend we travel to different parts, and Cabo Rojo/Boqueron has been on my list since we got here, and definitely one of my favorites