My Answers to a Facebook Message…

I posted some pics on Facebook for the first time in forever and got this sweet message from one of my bestest friends (Whitney), who moved to Hollywood 5+ years ago and I unfortunately never get to see… Instead of responding to her directly though, I thought some of my answers might be of interest to other friends I rarely talk to anymore and miss so very much. (not that they read this blog, but in case they do, here you go…)

11407072_815488745214723_4567991543277291987_nHey my beautiful daughter!
How are u guys? I love seeing all your pictures. You look so happy.
How is it being out of little rock? Are u guys working? I miss u!


Hello there my beautiful mother! We’re great and love seeing all your pictures too!!!!

Being out of Little Rock is GREAT. We don’t miss anything about it except for our friends and family, and being able to speak the same language. Puerto Rico has all the modern conveniences that I need: Walgreens and TJ Maxx, plus the weather is perfect 24/7 and there are NO SNAKES on the island… We like it a great deal more than LR, to say the least 🙂

I work from home- which has been a huge adjustment but I’m starting to really like it because I get a ton more done and I get to be around the babies all day. I’m doing contract work for the company I used to work for before FamilyLife, Inuvo, and have really enjoyed getting to connect with my old friends & bosses- albeit via phone or chat only- and am excited about some of the stuff they’re doing now.  FamilyLife is trying to work out some kinks that will allow me to continue my work for them from here, but I have to be on Puerto Rican payroll first and that’s proved to be a bit of a pain. Hopefully it’ll work out and I can do both jobs because I hate being bored and one can only take so much laying out at the pool all day while Broc works 70+ hrs per week….

And I miss you too!!!

11407072_815488745214723_4567991543277291987_nI got your invitation. That was so cute and creative.
I wish that I could come. Victor is best man in his friends wedding oct 2 and then my sister Emily, who u know, is getting married oct 12th in Fayetteville so I will have to be there that week. I want so badly to be there! I would love to be able to come another time and stay with u guys. Would love for u to meet victor too. What months are better for u guys for visitors?

Thank you! You know I’m a freak about details and thought you guys would find it funny and “different” as a wedding invitation!!! I would love for everyone to make it to the wedding but totally understand that not being feasible for most. And it’s FINE- especially if you can come another time!

No months are better for us, but some may be better for you. We hear Nov-Jan is amazing in Puerto Rico (it’s hot here now- and apparently only gets worse), but Aug-Sept is “off season” so flights and places to stay around the island are way cheaper. We don’t love where we live because of the location, so if you plan on coming, plan on staying with us for a night or two here and then us all going somewhere else for the weekend. The islands and entire west coast of Puerto Rico are amazing and worth every penny to see…

11407072_815488745214723_4567991543277291987_nAre u guys going home for Christmas? Have sunny and Hilde’ adjusted to island life?



I sure hope we can come home for Christmas, but Sunny and Hilde’ (who have adjusted to island life like they’ve lived here forever!) are major pains to transport and I can’t imagine leaving them here too long- especially over Christmas! Hilde’ is getting SUPER old- she can’t see or hear at all but is still happy and sweet and loving all the time. Sunny is just getting weirder and more spoiled (by Broc) by the day. We rarely take them to the beach because they’re so bad with people- I’d love to see your dog-walking skills practiced on these two- and get all nasty from the sand, but they are perfectly happy just sleeping and growling at lizards all day.

Overall, I’m super glad we made the move- just as I know you are! And I can’t wait to meet your man! Being married hasn’t been one bit difference for Broc and I, but I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad 🙂 Miss you, love you, can’t wait to see you soon!!!!

(I made you a slideshow b/c I am testing this new slider, I miss you, you made me the best scrapbook ever – that i brought here to PR with me of course- and I can’t believe how much fun we’ve had over the years. This excludes my visit to Cali, our trip to Memphis-in-May, and hundreds of other moments that will live in my heart (maybe a little blurry, but there) forever!




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