Aguadilla & Isabela: West Coast Weekend

This past weekend Broc and I wanted to take another trip somewhere and of course I chose the West Coast of the Island. While Vieques and (we’ve heard) Culbera are the most beautiful places in Puerto Rico, you have to take a ferry or small plane to get there and then rent a vehicle once you arrive, so it’s easier (and cheaper) for us to just drive, and the small towns dotting the Atlantic Ocean are just as cool and beautiful as the islands off Puerto Rico (in my opinion). Since we’d already visited and Rincon and Cabo Rojo, Aguadilla was next on my list of must-sees and it did not disappoint.


Saturday morning we loaded up the jeep and prayed it would make the 3 hour drive across country to. We stayed in an interesting place off AirBnB called the Dancing Tortugas– a hostel of sorts- that was cheap, close to everything, and filled with some very intersting characters. While lacking in any ammenities, it had a private bed, air conditioner and high-water pressure so we didn’t feel there was much to complain about- especialy for only $77/night.

We first visited Crash Boat beach which was VERY crowded and lively- like most public beaches in Puerto Rico in the summer- which isn’t really our style. So I looked up “hidden beaches Aguadilla” and found exactly what I was looking for, even though it took a 4×4 and even some manual tree removal from the path to get there: Wilderness Beach, or Playa Las Ruinas. This place was beautiful and untouched, framed by a desolate lighthouse that was completely “ruinas”, rolling hills of palms and flora and white sand that seemed to stretch for miles. The water was calm and aquamarine mixed with navy and we spent hours just sitting, reading, and drinking in the sun on our skin and the strong breeze that came with each lapping wave. Give me a beautiful, private beach and I’m happy for days…



Delonix regia or “Flame tree”


Sand- ocean- clouds for days


The old lighhouse ruins



Cliffs to the right

IMG_1954 IMG_1953Our trial ride in


We’d drive any where for this hidden surprise


Palms and rocks to the left


That evening we had no idea where to eat so I turned to Yelp/Trip Advisor for recommendations and this time it was compltely off the mark. While the place was bright and festive, Boca Loca had to have been a commerical chain of some sort and we do NOT recommend. After washing up at the Dancing Turtle, we joined our host and some of his friends at a very cool bar about 15 minutes away- One-Ten Thai– to hear an awesome band and then to the Beach House for a few more drinks and an small pizza. Both were excellent and definitly the place to go if you’re in Aguadilla for the weekend.


I’m in love with Puerto Rican clouds at sunset


My only shot of crash boat beach- from afar


Doesn’t this place look like it would be good?

The next morning we were up early and on our way north to the town of Isabela– a very popular tourist destination and for good reason. The beach there is Playa Jobos and it stretches for miles along the coast. You can enter through the public parking area or pull off the road and hike your way across the dunes to your own private spot- which was of course our ulitmiate destination. This beach is perfect for surfing or boogie boarding, which Broc did for hours, and sun-bathing- although the wind is strong enough to blow sand all over you constantly so it’s nice that it has a deep dropoff from sand to shore- formed by the tide I guess- and the perfect blockade from the dry grains above.


beauty is tourquoise


and royal

IMG_2099 IMG_2102

and tourquoise and royal mixed with white

IMG_2109 IMG_2110


Great weekend away!!!